Express delivery of machined parts with Xpoint Express

Through the Xpoint Express service, we offer our clients fast and reliable express deliveries of high-quality machined parts that meet strict requirements.

Kuinka nopeasti Xpoint Express toimii?

The Express service works based on the on-demand principle, meeting the client’s needs each time. The machined parts are delivered to the client by air freight within 3–5 weeks of the order.

Mihin palvelu erityisesti sopii?

The operation of the Express service is flexible: we can efficiently deliver small series produced by highly skilled manufacturers.

Mitä toivomme asiakkailta?

Since the whole idea of the Xpoint Express service is based on speed and flexibility, it is very important that the requirements for the parts are clear:

  • The manufacturing documents are up to date and carefully prepared, and they indicate the product’s critical measurements, specified tolerances and general tolerances for measurements without specified tolerances, as well as special requirements, such as deburring.
  • Requirements for surface treatments are specifically marked.
  • The documents are in English.
  • The drawings clearly indicate the weights of pieces, part numbers, names and revisions.
  • The Xpoint Express service requires that a DXF, CAD or 3D file is available for the product.

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