Xpoint Xflanges – steel flanges quickly

Xflanges is a direct selling service for steel flanges, and a part of Xpoint’s procurement services. We offer our clients steel flanges quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. Xpoint has more than a decade of experience of supplying flanges and steel piping components to the Finnish industry. We have decided to separate the flange operations into a separate sector and develop them further.

Kuinka Xpoint Xflanges -palvelu toimii?

We source the flanges from high-quality manufacturers without any intermediaries. Our own purchasing office and its professional staff work close to the manufacturers. We deliver flanges to the client from our service warehouse in Vantaa, enabling fast deliveries even within a day of placing the order.

Mitä hyötyjä palvelu tarjoaa?

Our advantages for flange deliveries:

  • A reliable and cost-effective supply chain.
  • Direct contacts with manufacturers.
  • Experienced manufacturers specializing in flanges.
  • Rating institutions and our own personnel monitor quality and delivery times – problems with language or culture are eliminated.
  • Long experience of flanges: we have been supplying flanges and piping components for demanding projects for more than a decade.

Millaisia laippoja meiltä saa?

We supply standard flanges conforming to EN 1092-1, plate flanges (-01), loose flanges (-02), blind flanges (-05) and neck flanges (-11).

We also offer flanges conforming to other standards and customised special flanges through delivery sales.

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