Permanent mold casting, chilled casting and pressurised die casting

Weight of product can vary from 10 grams up to few kilos in pressurised mold casting, up to tens of kilos in chilled casting and thousands of kilos in die casting.

Regardless of your prefered casting method or amount of products you are seeking, Xpoint will find you the best option among our partner casting shops. We are able to offer you easy and professional approch for your casting needs.

Aluminium castings.
Aluminium castings.

We will look after:

  • Manufacturing the casting molds and sample products
  • Machining of the castings
  • Surface treatments such as anodizing, SurTec-coating and powder coating
  • Finalizing the cast assemblies and adding the needed parts like seals and gaskets
  • Warehouse services
  • Packaging and delivery according to customer requests

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