Lathe and CNC-machining

There is a great opportunity to utilize our network of machining shops and use their vesitile capacity to produce parts for your needs. Receiving ready made parts will reduce your assemble time without major cost increases and at same time, it will reduce waste and improve your ecological footprint. Our shops are dedicated to meeting customer demands based on designs, meaning cost effectiviness manufacturing even for parts needing multiple machining processes. In addition to tradional machining, we can offer grinding and other specialty machining.

Machined parts.
Machined parts.
Machined parts.

We will look after:

  • Choosing best option for the workshop
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Manufacturing the sample product
  • Initiating the production
  • If requested, additional treatments like surface and heat treatments
  • Extra parts (like bearing assemblies and grease nipples, etc.) and completing assemblies
  • Logistic
  • Warehouse services
  • Packaging and delivery according to customer request

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