Xpoint’s procurement services offer
increased competitiveness and flexibility

Xpoint is an expert in international procurement services, offering its clients a comprehensive and flexible service.

What does Xpoint supply to its clients?

We supply our client companies with ready-made products, structural elements, components and combinations of these. Our clients acquire through us:

  • sheet parts
  • machined parts
  • forged parts
  • cast parts
  • plastic and rubber parts
  • assemblies
  • piping components

In addition, larger systems and assemblies can also be obtained through us. We also assist in acquiring components that are not manufactured in Finland at all.

What benefits do Xpoint’s procurement services offer?

Above all, they help to achieve cost benefits, improve the quality of products and increase the flexibility of production.

Consequently, they enhance the competitiveness and success of companies.

Which technologies and materials are available for manufacturing the products?

Various technologies and materials are used in making the products sourced through Xpoint. The technologies include forging, casting, welding and machining, as well as various surface treatments. The materials include various steel grades, brass, aluminium, copper, plastics and rubbers.

Are your contract manufacturers reliable?

Our extensive network includes more than 50 audited partners that are working as our contract manufacturers. Our partners offer high quality services and are highly skilled. We have been doing business with many of them for a long time. Of course, we still monitor their operation continuously. It is a matter of honour to us to be responsible for the operation of our supply chain and the quality of the end result.

What kind of clients use your procurement services?

Our clients include many types of companies – large and small, from different fields of business. Our clients include companies operating particularly in the metal, technology and construction industries.

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