Pressed plastic parts, injection moulding and rotation molding

Xpoint is able to deliver cost effective and high quality plastic parts in a flexible manner. Our supplier network can offer multiple solutions and production technologies for your needs.

Typical weight for injection moulded parts vary from 1 gram up to a few kilos. Manufacturing batches are few thousands

With rotation casting, we can supply large hollow products like water containers and tanks. It is also possible to integrate metalic re-enforcement parts like hinges during the manufacturing process.

There are several types of thermopalstic materials like HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS and PC. If you are seeking special product requirements, like transparency, water, heat resistance and good lubrication properties, Xpoint’s supplier network will help you find the best material solution regardless of your product requirements.

We will look after:

  • Manufacturing the casting molds and sample products
  • Finalizing the cast assemblies and adding the requested parts like seals and gaskets
  • Warehouse services
  • Packaging and delivery according to customer requests

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