The Xpoint Assistant business support

Xpoint Assistant is a product family consisting of flexible and effective business support services, offered by Xpoint International Oy to its clients. The purpose of the services is to enhance client companies’ sales and procurement functions and thus improve their cost effectiveness.

Who can benefit from the Xpoint Assistant services?

The Xpoint Assistant services are aimed at all kinds of companies, regardless of their size and industry.
The services offer particular benefits to companies that wish to invest in enhancing their sales and procurement operations and improving their supply chain management.

How does the Xpoint assistant service work?

The client company can use the services of Xpoint’s specialist who can work either at the client’s premises or partially or fully remotely via data communication connections. The specialist can also connect directly to the client’s information systems, as needed.

Xpoint Assistant adapts to the client’s needs. You only pay for what you need at each time. The need can be great at times, or disappear completely for a while.

Which benefits do the Xpoint Assistant services offer to the client?

Managing sales or procurement functions according to the Xpoint Assistant operating model brings many benefits to the client company:

  • It enhances the client’s operations.
  • It frees the client’s resources.
  • It increases the flexibility of operations.
  • It improves cost-effectiveness.
  • It provides a specialised professional to do the job.
  • It helps the company focus on its core tasks.

With the XA operating model, the client company in practice lets Xpoint’s professionals manage the desired services, in full or in part. The client gets the services of a highly skilled professional and the benefits of Xpoint’s full backing and expertise.

The services of the product family can easily be scaled and customised for the needs of different companies.


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