Announcement 7 /2022


Xpoint International Oy participates in the second phase of Kasvu Open

Xpoint International Oy completed the second phase of the Kasvu Open process in Crazy Town, Jyväskylä. In this second part, the companies involved had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with other companies and get help and guidance from a company-specific advisor

The Kasvu Open project has helped Xpoint Oy identify obstacles to growth and developed its thinking and opened up new insights into different ways of working in the company.

Xpoint Oy would like to thank the people at Kasvu Open and all the people who have guided and helped us during the process.

Xpoint International Oy was founded in 2005 and is a leading company in international trade. The company’s goal is to increase our customer’s market value through procurement services. This will give valuable advantage for our customer in tough global competition.